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How to help your real estate clients to gain from Facebook?


If your client is a real estate agent, we suggest you these tactics to benefit from Facebook marketing.  You can make changes to these and mix with your own ideas to get better results.

  1. First of all find out if your client has a Facebook page – not just a personal profile.
  2. To increase interest in his/her listing from prospective clients, you can show the area and landmarks around the neighborhood of listing. Examples: Local business, parks, schools etc
  3. Post events about around the neighborhood – this will help him/her to connect to the clients and fans.  Suggest him to invite his/her fans them to join in the event.
  4. Of course, you can use Facebook location based ads
  5. Carry out contest and sweepstakes to engage with the clients
  6. Post message welcoming the new buyers to their home without the names
  7. Most importantly , help him posting his listing in Facebook.

As we said earlier, you can mix new ideas to these and make your services attractive to your clients.

Do you have any suggestion to add to this?  Please send us your ideas and experience using the comment option.

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