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How to reach your client’s existing customer using Facebook?

downloadAs you start working with your client, you must be knowing that your client has at least some number of existing customer. These are people who are buying from his/her business on regular basis or in the past. These are the immediate target customer whom you should plan to reach out using Facebook’s Custom Audience Feature. This will help you to show your client that you have provided some value to start with. Here are some of the questions you might ask:

What can you achieve using custom audience feature of Facebook?

1. You can target advertisement with custom audience

2. Your can promote a page to the custom audience 

3. You can provide special offers to them using custom audience

Where do I access Custom Audience feature?

You can access Custom Audience feature using in Ads Manager of Facebook.

How do I take my existing list of customer to Custom Audience? 

In Ads Manager, you can  upload your list of customer using a CSV ( which can be created using Microsoft Excel ) or TXT format.

Can I use any email marketing tool to directly bring the customer list?

You can use MailChimp to directly migrate the customer list. 

How do I target the customers with my promotions?

Once you have imported your custom list of customers, you can use Facebook Ads tool to carry out targeted promotion to these customers.

Please let us know your experience in using Facebook Custom Audience Feature. 


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